Amazing Mr.T

He lives by the seat of

His pants

Not driving a car any


He’ll do it by jaywalking

Against time and set

Social structures of

General habit.


Living the life where he

Considers himself as

Most important and

Has cultured an aura of

A wise man through his

Life’s experiences.


His eyes still flicker sparks

Of utter independence and

Pride of achieving fame

By promoting the artwork

Of his late father.




Tenacious in pursuing his

Set marketing goals

He’ll exhaust himself to

Near destruction.


He falls.

He gets ill.

But he stands up time and

Again. Again.


The poet is taking a cue

From his way of living

Although he often takes off

From his duties as a personal

Guide and assistant to the man

Of the people

Who murmurs into his breath

And is successful with women.


The amazing Mr.T

Who lives by the seat

Of his pants

Driving against time and

Set conservative social


Tirelessly promoting his dad’s

‘Art against Oblivion’.




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