Hotel Bratislava – Sunday

On Sunday late morn’

Prof Grey appeared and

Waited in the hotel lobby

Reading a theatre brochure

When Mr.T and the poet

Returned from breakfast.


Mr.T was first to greet him

The poet followed and then

At the room Grey worked hard

Taking 200 digital snaps of

A historical photo album from

Mr.T’s life as a child

Whose explanations of who is who

Took another two hours.


Mr.T’s bad mood of having

Been cheated out of lunch


Was the reason of being

Fed-up with Prof Grey of having

To leave for an hour and fetch

His daughter from an acting shoot.


The poet reminded Mr.T of tolerance

And yet he would not stop his

Criticizing murmur

Including the poet’s remarks.


By the time the getting home

Problem had been resolved

By Mrs IRA

Mr.T fell into a banter-mood

With his driver D.

Who did a good job driving back

To Vienna in good time.


The poet rested and phoned

His wife B

Who was prepared to wait

At the bus station for him.


Then in the warmth of his home

The poet relaxed

And fell into a pleasant slumber

Watching a La Traviata production

From the Met in NYC.

But his fingertips still took a long time

To warm up from being numb

And circulate enough blood.





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