Hotel Bratislava – WOW

Mr.T is a crab on the move

Early mornings

Leafing everything he sees

Through the shears of his


Placing all differently.


It does not worry me too much

As I observe him checking on

Everything that lies on the table.


Pack away however

Your personal items

As you expect to find them

Again in the morn’

At the place you had left them.

Best to be prepared in anticipatory

Mood or standby

Even if you work on your own

Things in between:

Writing a poem

Sketching a new design for a


Or write a sketch for later use

In a short story.


At times it’s deadly still.

The distant hum of an A/C unit

Is the backdrop to Mr.T’s endless

Handy-talk to friends and



Awaiting the distracted Prof Juraj

Who is quite fun to have around

One notices that Mr.T has lost

His nerve to be patient with others

And not to talk to one

While one has stepped out to the


As he continues to give orders

Not noticing one’s absence.


Never mind it’s all not that important

All’s forgotten the next seconds.

Good for the scribe

And Mr.T has emptied some leftovers

In his mind.

Yet later returning to matters dealt with

A long time ago.





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