Hotel Bratislava 1 – Instant Drawing

Who will control the poet’s

Pensive mood?

As he takes to his pen and

Scribbles on the breakfast

Paper set

Printed by the hotel.


Slowly the artist fills in objects

Portraits of guests and Mr.T

Concierge Domenica and


Until the drawn sheet attracts

The attention of Mr.T

Who alerts the hotel’s directrice

As the artist intended to donate

His drawing to the hotel

Dedicated to the special day

Of Mr.T’s life story during and after

WWII being documented.


Who will control Mr.T’s bad morn’

Before he takes his pills and

Settles down from a morning

Filled in with innumerable calls?


Ivan P arrives in the lobby

Handing Mr.T the shopping bag

With his razor set and some

Loose leaves of paper

He left at the restaurant Zichy

Where the ORF team filmed.


Today it’s an easy day

No big waves are needed.

Calming the wives through some

Telephone calls

Drawing-up a new design

Let Mr.T cool down

While the poet can’t resist

Taking his coloured pencils

And ballpoint pens

Colour up a page in his boesner

Watercolour book.

Mr.T likes it too.

Now it’s ready the artist feels.

Enough after hours of working.

Good night.





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