Bratislava Saturday – Zlaty Bazant

In restaurant Zichy we’ll warm up

We did not think that on this dry

Saturday morning the rain will

Catch up with us later.


Mr.T reckoned that by giving three

Colour prints from his Dad’s art

To a Bar Mitzvah recipient

Will secure a lunch invitation.

But he as disappointed as he was

Not asked to stay.


Not a soul invited him

Besides I’m an outcast as an


And I don’t blame them not

Extending their hospitality

Due to a goy’s presence.


Besides the eloquent Rabbi

Once told me already in a

Metaphorical way that he

Does not do circumcisions

On Shabbat.

Ok. Well. I couldn’t care less.

Besides I enjoy my foreskin

As Ana once said that I have

More intense pleasure

Having it.


Zlaty Bazant – The pheasant –

Very good beer indeed.

If coffee is a liquid hug for one’s


Good brewed beer is a liquid

Caress for the soul.




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