‘The King of Ice’ (ballad) comes to mind

She still lives thru’ battles

Of yesteryears

With sharp directed monologues

While his mind floats on the

Gentle surf of Arkasia beach at


As life for her hasn’t turned out

To be satisfactory

He still could arrange his life

Around his priority of art.

His Muse has sent him a shield

Hammered in impenetrable

Virtual gold

To realize the shining night of

The arts

Wordsmith and painter

Draftsman and composer of

Holistic artworks.

At home hardly recognized

He seeks art-loving friends

Looking-out for a proper chance

To present his art.

Perhaps ‘The King of Ice’ illustrated

Will have a publishing chance.

He’ll see to its updated presentation

Transformed into German as well.

As he believes it’s a love story

With the backdrop of dramatic

Gran Canary Island.

Waiting for a sponsor is futile

And the local cultural council


Better to do one copy for all to see

And hopefully get some orders.

King of Ice.





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