Remembering the Famous

Day of remembering the famous

From two cities close to

Each other:



German –

Bratislava – Vienna

Communicating in English –

The vernissage overcrowded.


Herald hands me one of his

Digital-Pro cam’s to assist him

Portraying the ceremonial do.


Svetli talks about her travels

Especially to St Petersburg

She’s over the moon about

And only other folk will stop

Her word flow

While Andre is interested in

Harald’s Dugi-Pro cam with

A powerful zoom

Turning into his twin floating



Lucky we held Mr T upright

As he suddenly rushed forward

His knees folding

Just about to fall.


At the Slovakian Institute Vienna

We placed him onto the red couch

He had overdone his Promo work

Making his artistic dad known

To the world.


He’s much better as his wife

Reappears and we all accompany

Him to Ellas

Mrs IRA already rushing ahead

Yet the lamb chops are always

Grilled to perfection.


Kerstin listens to my report on

Prof Feuerstein and I draw a small

Colourful ZG-Icon into her notebook

As we remember the famous.




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