Feel the Beat of Life

If closeness causes an

Overcrowding of the senses

Strangling the freedom of

Both partner’s lives

Then absence of one part

Will make a cleansing of

Awareness and bring together

Heart and soul?


Indeed the poet visualizes

A pool of quagmire insults

He has crawled from with

A sinking feeling:

The stone in his stomach

And the plug in his eardrum

Dissolved during a night

With his dream of a past

Muse’s dance.


And while she as the poet’s

Partner could have read his

Publications on WordPress

And Smashwords

She would have found all

The answers she seeks in

Constantly provoking him

To tell them to her.


Like father like son

Both took to an ink pen

And entrusted their thoughts

To the papers of their diaries.

Poetry in the family lives on.

She should find time to read


Feel the beat of life.





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