Deeper Inside

For when he’s early up and

Moves as quietly as possible

She wakes from her light sleep

And throws a tantrum:

Why has he a beep from his

Smart phone to wake him

When she always keeps still

In order not to wake him?


For him it is an unfortunate


Whatever he’ll do she never

Will be satisfied

For happiness there’s no

Reliable recipe

One could buy in a pharmacy.


For now the poet had been

Offered a refuge

Where he may tend to his

Thoughts and find his solace

In verses

Which will be kept from

Fashion or any other influence

Than the purity of his true



The ‘Tear for Zol’ – poem

Still lingers on the back of

The poet’s mind

Just as Ana had taught him:

The more he writes

The more he delves

Into his deeper inside.




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