Bad Sleep and Cumbersome Moves

Shallow sleep.


Push the covers


Dried-out mouth. Kitchen. Water.

Still three hours sleep on the clock.

Wake at 6:50 am –

Now it would be great to sleep.

Typical sleep psychology.

Left a foot below the operated one

And swing out like a crane

Step-out of bed.

Find my balance

Slow tripping to the bathroom.

Wash. Clean.

After all make myself presentable

For my lady surgeon!


Coffee at the small LK KOR Café

Where it’s not crowded as in the

Row-by-row waiting passages.

Check out the signboard and see

The construction of a small roof light

Just right for the situation we’ll need

For Mrs IRA’s habitat.


I recall having waited over an hour

To be called up for after-OP care

Last time.

But that meant to be here at reception

At 8am and not at 10 am.

Now this time it’ll be lunchtime.

At one Pm Doc S. appears as I am

Eating an apple slice and drink a cup


It’s good she says stay there and eat

Don’t rush.

I have not been informed

Sat in the coffee place when a sister

Has announced Dr S’s emergency OP.

  1. I’m glad.

For Dr S. I’ll wait all morning without

A complaint.

The way back was cumbersome.

At the changeover in Handelskai

My train to H/S at platform 12

Left in front of my nose.

Well I couldn’t run to catch it in

Time with my operated hip.


At H/S I forgot to validate my

Train card and arrived at Weidling

Train station exhausted –

I was on the go since six am with

A hip joint operated twelve days



However I bought some groceries

At the Spar shop and was still in

Time for the bus 241 to Weidling



Yet B wasn’t friendly and her

Awkward reception tested my

Patience to the boiling point.


I doffed my clothes and donned

My Sony earphones to listen to

Ö1 while my smart phone loaded.

After that I switched phones and

Listened on YouTube to great

Cannonball Adderley

While B commented that I had

My earphones on

Instead of talking to her.

What about?

She’s only critique pur and that

At all times.





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