Men’s Quarter No.8

At least I had a good sleep

But toward morning

When they brought Ol’Moaner in

I woke and only recalled my

Excellent sleep

After I tested my self-love

That magically worked again –

Day seven!

Then I sensed that Ana had

Visited me again.


Morning’s toilette was such

A pleasure again

Most of my skin relaxed

Only my coccyx still hurt

When I touched it.

The process of healing is

A see-saw road.


Lore prides himself telling

His Adventure stories and

His way of becoming

A camera man.


Ol’ Bear grunts with his


Lying like a well fed walrus.

Delicate Mr.E remains tough

Meeting his hindrances

Face on but doubting that

His sad existing has sense

At all to stay alive.

The nurses calm him down.


The Polish baker astonishingly


But an ox like nature as it seems

Runs in his family

Judging on his visiting relatives.


Another day for me reading

In Camus’ diaries

Drawing intuitively with

Ballpoint pens on paper.

Interesting and disturbing.

Probably my last day at the

LK KOR Room Number eight.

Will hear the visiting doc’s

Opinion about me.





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