Final day at last!

At 6 am I’m ahead of all the

Other patients

Preparing myself in the



Taking ample time.

In just an hour’s time all will

Be busy again in ward eight

When the day at LK KOR

Starts up and ward eight folk

Stir back to routine again.


The horizon view is a

dark grey blot

And fog veils the Bisamberg.

But due East already

the first signs of a new day

start glowing.


I’m glad my stay is over.

Look forward to be wheeled

To my temporary home with

An ambulance.


Ol’ Werner came yesterday

For a visit and we laughed

And talked about meeting

A year ago in ward seven.

He was a special patient and

I had good luck of being a

Hanger-on by circumstance.


He still extends his friendship

To me

Will give me a lift from the

Local train station to the

LK KOR If I phone him ahead

of my appointment

as he also has still some

Physiotherapy nearby.



But usually I forget it and

Enjoy the walk.

Great stuff Ol’ Werner

A strong man with lots of

Joie du vivre left.





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