ZJG-The Hospital Poems: THE TRIP

A pleasant sunny morn‘

Fresh cold air

But the icy winds stayed off.

After a ten minute walk from

The station to the LK KO

Landesklinik Korneuburg

It also took a fifteen minute

Train trip from Vienna

But a ¾ hour trip from

Weidling to Vienna.

Lacking a bridge from the

900 year old city of KLNBG

To KO, or Korneuburg

It would have saved me

An hour of travelling time.

Where would I be

But in waiting rooms of

Life’s intermediate stations

On a trip that has lasted

77 years and ten months

Until now?

For times I had taken the

Burden of travelling alone

Onto myself

Mended life for us both

As good as possible

Without interfering into

My spouse’s knocked at

Life thru’ problems of health.

Like she had at a time

Helped me out of a

Psychiatric ward in Berea

When my psyche was deeply

Troubled through her

And I couldn’t sustain a

Reasonably private life.





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