ZJG-The Hospital Poems: MORNING TALKS

When the morning breaks upon

The view toward Bisamberg

A mighty fall of powdery white

Sugar lies like coating on a cake

Across the roofs of Korneuburg.


All’s asleep below the milky skies

Where the pink and pearly

Reflections paint the rising of

The wintry sun and

Movements of a swarm of crows

Paint pitch-black spots onto

The nebulous uniform.


Sounds from TV ads whip up

The five patients

Being treated for the day

While nature’s drama of the

Birth of a new day unfolds to us

Who are nearer the fully glazed

Window projection.


Lore tells me stories about his

Youth during the Russian

Occupation of Stainz

While I had back flashes of my own

Growing up during the years 1943

And 1944.


I am glad that Lore’s parents also

Had non-violent experiences

During the occupation

Some related to mine

As a small boy observer.


The sun is full flight across its

Lower wintry path and opts

Its powers of brilliant lighting

For the camera man’s heart

Reminding Lore of Jupiter lamps

Which made the actors sweat

But with Led technology today

This is historical past.

Lore smiles like a Saint.



ZJG POetry’18


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