ZJG-The Hospital Poems: AT WARD 8

Some of the familiar faces

Of staff members are gone

And patients come and go


The lanky boy and Mr Franz

The mood swinger

With his congenial attitude

Besides some of social standing Attitudes

That’ll taint an initial dialogue

Like we all entertain

Testing our talking partners.

One particular difficult case

One man with a new knee joint

And me with a new hip joint

Stainless steel pin and porcelain

Coated hip joint –

A new physical man will live

Without irritating pain –

Viva OA Dr. Sonja…

My short term memory in


Come on ZJG

Come on!


In between the Super G-races

Biathlon with icy conditions

Mr E. with his stretched surname

Had been sinking into deep sleep

And a nurse had alarmed the

Heart team emergency

As the old crooner did not

Respond to his name being called

And even facial slaps did not wake

Him up

With a rush of a dozen women

And one man carrying an

Emergency equipment.

Mr E pale as a sheet but fortunately

Still to remain in the land of living

His heart rate constantly monitored.

After all this emergency trouble

His wife walked in delayed

Also good for her sake.

It was impressive to see that

The emergency unit for possible

Heart failure is reacting instantly

To an emergency call.

Suddenly as the two bed neighbours

Are gone some unusual things

Happen to the oldest patient in

Ward 8 Also called the Men’s ward.

At the moment all’s still again I draw back

To my own train of thoughts.

Thoughts that you write in poetry

Will put you above all things

In a free and brisk air.

(Camus spoke of thoughts that you don’t

Speak put you in a free and brisk air).


B phones me – it depends in what state

Of mind she’s in: manic or depressive.

Today she insults me with the tasks

She is forced to do against the concurring

Dust in our ground floor flat but she’s

Against a vacuum cleaner.

Well so there’s nothing much to reply.

I answer her with my reading interests

Of Camus’ Notebooks 1951-1959.

I read her a few thoughts about his

Journey through Greece.

B cannot seem to understand the

Creative process of a writer

Philosopher and literary giant.

I’ve translated some of Camus’

Thoughts from English to German

And for Franz into Viennese dialect.

He understood it.

An understanding of minds is

Possible at all levels

If one has a basic knowledge of

Languages and dialects of German.




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