Hanukah Celebration

The artist had withdrawn

Into the Red Tower recluse

Just a stone throw from

Famous St Stephen’s Cathedral

Where famous festive songs

Underline X-mas celebrations.

Mr T asked the poet to stay

At his side at the Hanukah

Festivities at Esra

Where songs and happy sounds

Tied people together in belief

And social gathering.

Both religious get together

Happiness through communities

Sharpening the senses for their


The artist being an agnostic

Has inserted his prayers into

His canvas.

The poet who observes his

Fellow men and women

Listens to their pleas complaints

And rebellious discussions

Enjoys the manifold of cultural


We all had a special Vodka

From which one cannot get drunk

Carnival donuts and Swiss roulade.

One lady at an adjoining table –

She looks like Aunt Annie –

Speaks continuously to her neighbor

With a preacher’s intensity

Eyes sharpened as if angry

Snake eyes staring at her prey.

A heavy man next to Mr T has

Already eaten all the donuts.

Mrs Black will wrap up the last

Swiss cream roulade

Take it home for her coffee break.

It’s a cold night

A slight drizzle grazes our cheeks.

Time to go home and hearth.

Where is home?





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