A Real ‘Krampus’

There’s a gift for the fifth

of December

perhaps it’s for ‘Krampus’

the devil’s symbol

which precedes Nicholas

or Santa Klaus.

However there are people

in high positions

who belittle those

who fear being poisoned

by Monsato or Bayer

giants in controlling pests.

Fact: we are all subject

of being poisoned

peau en peau –

bit by bit –

our lives are not worth

a cent in the long run

perhaps this’ll be the perspective

with the greedy producer’s

‘Krampus’ mask on.

There are those who suffered

in the past

suffer in the present

and will suffer in the future

but even general awareness

does not make big

headlines. Zilch.

Nothing changes

Mr. Androsch said and

Greenpeace fights a giant

of steel

whose legs of clay have

been well protected.

Well friends listen to

good music

we have to toast and

drink some well-brewed

whisky or Bourbon

and kill the herbicide devil

in its tracks.





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