Some mornings she is

In a pensive mood

Slightest noises drive her

Up the moist wall.

Best let sleeping dogs lie

Use the best moment

For a kiss and good-bye.

At other mornings

Due to the moon’s

Ebb and flow

She’ll blather

Working off some guilt

Toward her sister

She judges

Strange positions of

Siblings harden up in

Their later lives

Blunt animosity rules

She misses love.

The saddened fact

Remains: a union of

Joyful sex had been

Abandoned for so

Many years

Like sport – like love

The more you do

The more you want

To do.

And off I go to see

The master of the art

Of living: Mr.T – Legend

Of the Place du Juif and

Much more –

Reanimate him to the

World of living.




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