All’s set

This Monday morn‘

I checked my diary first thing

Not miss on calling:

LK KBG hospital for an

Anesthetist appointment with

An irate voice on the other end

Of the line.

Good I’ve bought already

A Libro-diary for next year that’s

Around the corner

So I could stencil in important

Events and meetings.

All’s set for the op. on my

Right hip

Decided already a long time


Although not that easy an op.

I don’t wish to become immobile

And subjected to continual care.

Most importantly surgeon Son

Has my total trust.

You should see Dr.W for medicine

He’s around the corner

Said B as I had a bad cough attack

Usually mornings.

I washed quickly and dressed

Could make the doc’s rooms

Still in good time.

There were five patients in front

Of me waiting patiently.

Most of them reading.

A young tall man sat down

Next to me nursing his cold

And tries to suppress his sneezing

Lifting his leg across the other.

I read: Fitness

Stenciled onto his socks.

It would have been boring

To wait if I had no notebook

For my journal poetry.






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