Have all archangels left

The heavens

To storm down on an

Unruly world?

It must have then started with

All the mindless killings

Disappearing of people

The sacrifice of children

To a culture of rape and

Submission to strangers.


A split-off group of power hungry

Tried to rule the world

Acting out of shadows like

Sneaky roaches scurrying out

Of the light

Avoiding all who opposed them


Infecting them with poison

But not succeeding with those

Who worked and prayed

Facing the fanatically stirred-up

Lots and growing lots

Swarming off from huge ships

Like stirred-up rats

Facing a sea of crosses held

Against them

A return to the Dark Ages?

When swords smashed into

Gilded shields

As even gods had their infight

For ruling the universe.



Facebook friends

Poets and Artists

Spread the truth

But only those with eyes

To see

And not with eyes wide shut!

And only few could read between

The lines

Avoiding lies

Fake news

Stood alert!

A split-up world it seems

Is our only legacy.


Living with bad habits

Rotting to the bone

And a will like a sponge

Will not help at all

Even having conducted

A decent life

Also honorary work will come

To pass.

Afraid you stare at the box

News from a variety of countries

You still rush to do charitable



You’ll never stem the tide of

Utter lawlessness on this ship

Called Western Culture

To be saved from sinking –

Yes it could be saved

If you act with a strong belief

To defend it.

Had it not stood the test of heavy

Tides for over 1000 years.

Someone shouted:

Good old Europe –

You have to be cruel

To be kind.





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