He wears his Dad’s black hat

on his salt and pepper hair

cascading to his shoulders

and manages to survive

persistent in his efforts

for his father’s name be known

in the expansive world of art –



He loves colourful garb

contrasting with strong

coloured scarves

a Toucan bird of the Americas

he travelled once extensively.

Thru’ rimless glasses he observes

the world around him

inviting the Young and Elder to

his well-known Art-Shop

the name he still prefers.


Gregarious  critical  persistent

in achieving to be known

administering an incredible

treasure of over 250 oil paintings –

Forceful mementos of the Holocaust

with over 1000 drawings –

but also portraits and scenes

from Coffee house societies.


He lived for promoting his father’s

art pivoting around the Holocaust

whose infernal state still leaps

in blazing flames from his canvas:

The inferno that gripped his heart

all his remaining life.

A living memorial in midst the

cobbled Square of Judenplatz –

Place du Juif.


His repetitive traveling to Bratislava

beloved city to him like to his father

who painted its distant views

with the four-towering castle

the Jewish Quarter

the Inner City

Venturska Street.


As funds cease to keep the


friends and honorable helpers

assemble to say

good-bye but also filed with

hope that recent press appeals

to Cultural politics of the city

and the land

will bear fruit to loan the

unique collection for

sponsored shows rather

than allow it to be tossed

into an archive’s existence.

Good luck Tommy and Inge.







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