facebook friends


A facebook friend and I

have learned that we had

twenty friends each –

Send me this quote:

To live is to fight with


in the vaults of the soul.

To write is to sit in

judgement  with oneself.


Let the sleeping jester lie.




So, I lived a hum-drum life

beside my profession, to design

and to build an environment.

Home to sleep and eat

at times to care for my spouse

who became seriously ill.

Instead of correcting my life

I ran forward.

Met A

who ran forward too

and we flew into each other’s


To love someone next to

your spouse

will hurt your spouse and

you’ll have pangs of guilt.

I didn’t have.

Or so I felt at the time.

Only later I realized

the pain of losing a lover

whereby losing myself.

The pain would certainly

have killed me if it wasn’t

for Joe and facebook friends

but it wasn’t for B.

The good-bye from A

rolled tears down her cheek

along the skin of my

inner bodyline –

Love is like death –

She said.

Belated I should cry.



On Wednesday eve

when B prepares her fruit

she bought at SAM

while I listen to Wynton Marsalis

she hands me the SAM-pass

she had renewed.

I see that I have been denoted

to take second place on the

back page.

Just like once a mean colleague

in an architect’s firm

tried to take my place for a

new job he desired

but the owner had appointed

me to run it. WOW!

Never mind –

I had a notion why she –

in her delicate physically

condition would go out

when it rained cats and dogs –

to take common matters

into her own hands?

Not that important to me

but for poetry & art

she couldn’t replace me.







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