September Time

I live the life of a Bohemian

supported with a temporary

stay in the heart of Vienna

a stone throw from the artistic hub

of the Bermuda Triangle

not far from the Bohemian

chilling strip

along the Donaukanal.

Musical happenings.

Meetings of the Thinkalikes.

Jogging strip for the young and


Cooling down beach for the

city dwellers.


My bag of drawing


Painting instruments at hand.

Perhaps awakening one night

with the desire to paint up

the concept drawings

find the right expression for

a passed love’s portrait.


Paint in the nude some nudes.


Demoiselles a Vienne

still sitting on my mind

sorting potential faces and


don’t know yet how to start.

I have some contestants

yet the one’s chosen are

too shy sitting for me in

the nude

although I wear some clothes:

Nica  Viki  Vivi  Barbi

yet one more female member

to be found

to complement the foursome.

All women.

All in contrasting body shapes.

Which one will wear a mask?

Or the head of a bird

the head of an Ibis.

This is a homage

you could by now guess

to which artist.






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