A Tear For Zol – She Wrote

Searching for a name lost

endless row of diaries

came across: What Is This Thing

Called Love?

Well…yeah…perhaps it all began

like this famous song

but then grew into a hot affair

of Star Crossed Lovers

finally to fall from the skies

and die in a Greek tragedy’s



171 months now I saw noted

that would mean fourteen years

had passed.

Impossible one’s heart sighs

but the figures do not lie.

Life did and cheated on all

what’s left over from facts –

No promises –

she used to say

as if it was just yesterday.


Best of all worlds

the artist thrived.

Love like the Grecian sun

melted down the gel of desires

into the depth of our hearts.


A tear for Zol

she wrote

How could I finally cope?

Moments of deepest joy

can never be forgotten.





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