olay ra lepek –

I’ll step onto oil –

a Hungarian expression:

It’s about time to leave.

Into A/F steps a tall man

with a grey patterned

woolen jacket

asks for Mr T:

Green he says.

Nice meeting you…

I’ve been here five years



The poet has done his tasks

and wishes to leave. It’s 16:50.

But Green’s family appears

and asks Mr T for a good

viennese eatery.

So he’s polite and shows them

the shortest pedestrian route

that leads to a first class ‘Beisl’.


The poet leaves for Merkur Market

that offers high class cuisine

coffee and bakeries

but the cashier cannot find the

poet’s basket

he left yesterday there. So?

I’m sorry you have to shop

For the goods again.

All right well what’s the problem

between friends?

At least the coffee is less 25%

a fortune for the poet for all

artists and creative scribes.

Mohnzuzler for Mrs B.

Mohnzelter for ZJG.






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