Waiting Room

I travelled 45 minutes to arrive

At Dr S’s waiting room in a

Turn-Of-the-Century building.

We’ve operated on you three

Years ago. Indeed. Time flies.

Some post-operative cataract

Could be done with a laser.

It’s simple. OK.

Well now. Here we go.

I am stuck to more visits. Isn’t it?

But the main thing: Eyes are OK

Pressure 18. Good.

I contracted a slight headache.

Now it’s soon time to hear the

Verdict –

Sitting in the waiting room

Until the drops take effect.

There’s not much wrong

Except for one small laser

Corrective operation.

The distinguished Professor


Last time you had a

Medical aid problem

He recalls.

I’ve got medical aid.

We’ll operate October 2.

His secretary takes note of

My delayed payment

Required for technical reasons.

All right. See you in six weeks.

I add up my bill I saved up

For a year. OK.

It’s for my eyes.

Again no holidays

But I’ll write and take mental








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