Day of Quotations and Immediate Reflections.

So we beat on

Boats against the current

Borne back ceaselessly

Into the past. (1)


B meant that he couldn’t

satisfy a woman

but she obviously meant


He should have noted that

during their wedding night

when he tried hard

just to do that.

And although he loved her

three times with vigor

he failed – according her –



Day of Quotations and



There, then, he sat, the sign

And symbol of a man

Without faith, hopelessly

Holding up hope

In the midst of despair. (2)


Indeed he had beaten on

against the current illness.

Besides every writer

great or small

has a daily fight for the

life of his art.

Besides fate might upload

on one

that ill health of a

spouse’s mind.


And while we seek comfort

thru’ the lives of other writers

we’ll master life’s

recurring tasks

that offer us the gift of

creativity in the arts.





(1)’The Great Gatsby’ Scott Fitzgerald.

(2)Herman Melville -1819-1891.



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