Just one more word

will stir up differences:

A heated reaction in her

slamming the door.

Every word even in defending

one’s own position

she’d project as an attack

against herself.

This’ll drift towards a cliff

for the last jump

along the road of desolation

for which spouse?

He’s accepted his mute and

dented image

to be battered by her

even more.

Has she not realized this?

Even within her utmost

meddling provocation

his sense is like a finger on

a trigger.

His self-control prevails.

For every door slam he’ll

charge her one Euro.

He has pleaded before:

You ignore me! No reason

To do this at all.

He leaves for his kitchen


She enters and confronts

him with some trifle again.

As he tells her to please be


she swears at him and

ridicules his charge for

every slam of the door

slamming the door hard


He jumps up

confronts her at her green

leather couch.

She steps back

her knees give-in and she

falls onto the green leather


Another series of false

Accusations for pushing her

emerge from her thin lips.

This time he will not listen

to her any longer.

Thanks the Great Spirit

who speaks to him

through poetry.




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