Love is not a reliable emotion

Love is not a reliable emotion-

It soars  it falls out of the sky

it crashes and buries

first time lovers and

mature ones alike.


The morn greeted dull and grey

she opened the window wide

to let-in damp air

spreading all over my heated


My dreams: rivers of sweat and



She took off early
I had time for myself.

As I ate breaky she phoned:

don’t eat too much

meet me at ‘Stadtboden’

she’d chose as her haunt.


Dimmed dusky atmosphere

low level natural light

great views thru’ shop windows

palm trees growing in Vienna’s

Kruger street.

Behind them I imagine the sea

B says.


Our seat in the far left corner

we order coffee

Americano salad with prawns

then more coffee

as you’ll get a cold pint of water

with every coffee from our

Macedonian waitress.


Afternoon’s time vanishes

quickly with slavish duties.

Nica ’s tired out running errands

For Mr T whereby it’s an obligatory

walk for me

to fetch his usual ice cream.

The young Serbian lady smiles

about Mr T’s standing order.

She’s familiar with the

three-flavour-cup wrapped-up

without a flat edible top.


At Mrs IRA’s flat Mr T makes

a scene of paying me for the

day’s work plus expenses.

I’LL apply for it tomorrow

with Mrs IRA. A business woman

with a sensible soul.


On this note my poem

in this green journal ends.

I’ve learned from great men:

etaH get’s you nowhere

but evoL does!




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