You might dream

of times in love

remembering Ann of Athens –

Your great love –

Traces of physical feelings

have still remained

chiseled into your memory banks.

And even on days of

deeper meditation

energies of passion still flow

as if kindled by a strong

inner yearning

for a woman you truly loved.

In a shocking drama

she passed on…

You could not save her body

but you grieved for her

like Orpheus did for Eurydice.

Since then you have descended

to the underworld

through your art

depicted your own nightmare

of great love and loss.

You had lost a battle on the

mountain of emotions

but won the rich green valley

of her soul.

When your spouse will

rant and shout

caused by her pains

of disintegration

you have to endure this load

of negative emotions

from a once lovely woman

who turned Xantippe.

You have won the battle

of staying alive perhaps

but then lost a woman

you’d lifted up from depression

but then queried your whole life

with her.

Is this how all love is at end





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