Diminuendo in Blue 渐弱蓝色 (II)



Once emerging from loneliness

the poet has taken the hand

offered by a contemp artist

human being and fighting spirit for

all suppressed human beings

on the verge of extinction.

Dulled are times before and even

of past Muses conceding to the

poet’s gait of moving forward into

the land of extreme differences.

An interpretation that’ll split up his

inner world of extreme solitude

where he found reflections of his

true feelings

but also counteractions of a devil’s


When artistic intuitions recline and

fade into the milky atmosphere

of a known rapid passing landscape

he’ll take memo-shots with his mind’s

instant digicam

for later rework of the images from

a trip to new frontiers of feelings.

Like dough kneaded by his body’s

resistance for anything different

compared to sacred images of Anne

Muse of one in a lifetime love.

Is this a concluding protest of the straw

that rises up man high

before the flames of an all-consuming

flash-fire take it down and

in spite its rising white smoke density

it slowly diminishes

between coats of blue lacquer

upon the broad canvas of the skies?




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