Just before mid-August

when the air lies still

and cooling down from

airplane spraying

won’t be effective.


The brave staff from

Forum des Arts

still, commutes downtown:

Viki in the mornings

ZZ in the afternoon.


Spouse B will not take on

Mrs. IRA’s admin work –

Good for the poet

as he would gladly help.


The artist will keep

good relations

as all already know it:

The gallery will close

in autumn.


But some work will still


especially if Mrs. IRA will

captain the family boat.

A glow in the dark –


Hope’s the last thing

to die in a country that

prides itself to be

steadfast European

at least thru’ official



Mr. T is disappointed with

world happenings

concerned about WWIII.

God forbid – he mutters.

There’s not a thing you

could do – he says.

Well – the poet answers

you could pray

we’ll all stay safe and well.


OK – he says – and you?

I will sit back and think

about LOVE

write down my thoughts

and toast my Muse.






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