Exhibition Night

Friday Mr T phoned to tell me

about a TV presentation at

nicole ennemoser’s exhibition

where he posed in the limelight

next to artists and a Professor

of Neurology

who talked to me about

his professional career.

I drank white wine

then joined Mr T

who introduced me to nicole

and the artist’s family.

I noticed a portrait of Liz Taylor

realistic like a photograph

and spoke to nicole about it.

I can be anybody  she said

a wild sinewy mare

swooshing about

up to the first floor and

wonderful spacious rooms

plenty of paintings:

She’d run thru’ many phases

of art styles

her artistic life mapped-out –

Pop art culture painted over

with a play of tacheism.

Some interesting paintings

touched my artistic sense

and spoke to me

echoing my own ideas:

Shark Attack

Elvis Presley.

Mr T liked some of the work

on paper. Meanwhile Elvis

was sold. Bravo.

We had more to drink.

white wine made me pickled.

Mr T had fruit juice.

The fun gathered momentum

with rising happiness of people.

Somebody brought me a glass

of rose wine. I didn’t like it.

He talked about workmen and

how he saw life.

We left on a happy note as

Nicole’s mum ushered us

to the lobby and showed us

her affection –

a great ambassador for her

daughter the artist.

Many night flies moved about

Vienna’s town squares and

finally U3 ferried us to


from where I accompanied

Mr T to his domicile.

Just five minutes later I fell

into bed at my temporary stay

at Red Tower Street.






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