She’s showing off her

attributes: Extra short shorts

with well-formed

apple shaped bums

her Hot pants are tightly


Probably many gaffers

are thinking

of biting into an apple.

Almond faced – long nose

flat chested

sweet smile.

Looking after her figure

dark hair in a bun

her attention aims at her

small child.

When she turns her red

Sweatshirt reads:

College LAW Est 1991 –

Red sport shoes match her


Mr T had a two hour session

with young visitors from CA

mostly of San Francisco.

A nice crowd. Responsive.

After an interrupted night

at Red Tower Street

the world at A/F looks quite

different for me.

As Mrs IRA said: After being

here for some time

I do not concern myself with

the stirring theme of the

exhibited paintings of the

Holocaust in detail

but only see colour blotches.


It’s a great shake-up experience

for any visiting person

who relates to art

especially for the artist

who visits daily

bur who had been shocked

at his first visit.

And slowly as emaciated figures

and faces with painful cries

from the concentration- and

death camps found their

traces into his own drawings

he found relief

looking at the rich pure colours

of Dolfi Frankl:

Artist as messenger of the






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