3 Men in 1 Body

He split himself into

Varied personalities:

Z the man who desires

physical love.

ZG the artist who searches

for the perfect drawing

expressing his mood.

ZJG the poet who contributes

his journal poetry

to WordPress.

All others are shadow

sub-characters in the game

varying in importance

and weighting.

Due to the tasks –

an art assistant –

that are menial to himself

but important to the


he is serving to

he tires faster every day.

His breaks at a small round

bronze painted table

his view toward the rear

of Mr Lessing’s bronze

statue dressed in an

elongated coat

his right leg tired from its

elevated resting point.

The air of late summer

wafts thru’ the square

warming up the cold

atmosphere of paintings

depicting life at Auschwitz.

A short shower of fright

shakes the poet

just like the casual visitor

or the young students from

California  USA.

Time for closing shop

the last visitors gone and

Mr T has trouble getting

hold of himself

having told the story of

his family taken prisoners

by the Nazis for the

hundreds of time.

The poet leaves for his

offered retreat

to cleanse himself thru’

spurts of creativity

from the ghosts of the past

from the cobwebs of triviality.

Three men in 1 Body.





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