First a hug as he returns

From his shower –

Her finger runs along his

Spinal groove –

His senses suddenly wake.


The boiling pot of water

Interrupts her game –

Coffee…Illy coffee

She’ll stop anything for:

The tasty dark brown brew

Especially if brewed by the



But then as he makes himself

Ready for taking off to A/F

She reprimands him not

Having made his bed.


It’s like a continuous play

Where an irate spouse

Pulls a poet down from

His own cloud of reflections.


She attempts not only to

Show her acidic side

But also to feel satisfied

With some revenge.


For her life has not

turned out the way she

had imagined it would

having acquired an

opposing position.


Tourists flock to buses

And trains

Trams and velotaxis.

The United Nations have

Arrived in popular Vienna

absorbing chocolates galore:

Portraits of Sisi and Mozart

Klimt and the Kaiser.


Perhaps next time also Freud

Zweig and Kraus

Schnitzler and Werfel.

To extend sweetened memories

And dance waltzes produced

In tarantula style?


It’s the least of real problems

If Klimt’s or Schiele’s

Mozart’s or Beethoven’s face

Decorate cakes or chocolates.


If we cannot build a nation

With selected foreigners

We ought to close and should

Not cry about our losses

Of moving freely about.






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