Don’t lock the door

dammit! I have to go out.

Ok well how’d I know

that she’ll try that hard

to take the next bus trying

since early morning?

But she’ll communicate


curses me thru’ the wide

open window

as I walk up the gravel path –

of contention between us –

that leads to Hauptstrasse

with a sharp left toward

the bus stop

next to Leopold Figl – Haus.

Lately the missing F had been


She reaches the bus in a huff

and prefers to sit behind the

driver upfront

while I sit at the first elevated

row next to the ticket validator

in midpart.

Just in case:

The practical side of the artist

whispers inside

preparing for a scenario of

a controller stepping inside

And validating one’s

Prepaid ticket in a jiffy is part

Of daily survival.

Life at an advanced age

has forced him to economize

the best way he can.

You can get Sushi & Maki

at a 50% reduction –

Bold green letters state on

the glazed façade

of a Eastern eatery in


I notice from the bus every

time we ride past

but it’s out of my reach.

Soon we’ll be turned into

bionic men

who will grow digital

relationships with bionic


Still Lotus Love will be around









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