What a morning

of pristine polished


Viki wears engraved

at the nape of her neck –

You touch it

it’s yours for a while.

Possessions have worked up

a new meaning

in the physical world

of an ongoing octogenarian

tinted polished

Per Sol glasses fend off

damaging rays of our

solar system.

Fragilities we feel at times

are directly related to the

endless blue

we perceive as part of


of the Big Wheel

like a floating feeling in

our bellies

on a bus ride


Young long-legged girls

in their sheer hot pants

assured stride along

to shores of joy

within our wishes.

In between all the

colourful female assembly

at Kythira

we might be lucky to find

a matching mate

stepping ashore

sand below our feet

warm dark pebbles

hugging our backs


Nature’s sap

drop for drop

precious white blood

below our heated


Away we fly –

a favourite isle left behind

on the coffee table’s display:







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