The Poet’s Great Love (ZJG Isfahan Notebook)

Everything we do

we do out of love

Anna said

For years she kept me alive

With common interests in


desires of flesh and blood.

As long as our libidos

are intact

we’ll be all right

She said.

Her words sank into me

And disappeared.

I had not realized

my soul did all the great


my head high in the

clouds of love.

The days of African storms

with thunderbolts

pelted me with hail

as if to punish me

for not having wings

to be at her side

when she died.

Yet her cousin A gave me

her last message

not to go to the hospital

but to remember her

as she was when alive

and well in love.

Six months and she had

travelled to hell and back

still to see me and in desire

to bend down a last time

for me.

In love she transferred to me

a different view of approaching


For me she lived on.

Not only did I feel it

standing at her temp grave

but having once merged together

in body and soul.

Her spirit –I communicate thru –

never left me.

Days of undying love – at the foot

of the Acropolis –

Songs  ballads  stories  and novels

written for my Muse

will talk thru’ my words to all lovers

especially to those

who experienced their








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