Rainy Days Part 2: INVERT.TREVNI (239 BRP)

Some cold sips of beer

and the noises of passing

U4 trains will put me at ease

even into minute sleep.

What are the consequences

of an affair?

For starters the sexual love

has already been enjoyed

in the mind.

The spinning wheel of desire

has already cocooned the

lovers into her bed.

The poet ZJG has spun the

story of such love into his

poetry journals

the poet’s spouse has trumpeted

in anticipation

the sexual love’s happening

already into her fantasy world

calling the poet rude names.

She has a yo-yo nature

appears sweet and caring at first

yet one small reply from his lips

will vent her pent-up anger.

If he clams up – it’s ignorance.

If he defends himself –

it’s aggression.

She claims of being held in

constant stress

lacking sleep and peace of mind:

That’s exactly he would need

as she reflected his dire position

to be hers.





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