Rainy Days Part 1 (239 BRP)

When you may only find a bus seat

facing the mighty retaining wall

of the base of Kahlenberg mountain

against the general road to Vienna

Your eyes however will rest on the

sloping greens for a while –

Time to consolidate one’s energies

sapped by the constant monologue

of Mrs B that are like rainy days

when she lectures the poet about

duties of an attentive husband

who should anticipate the

need of arising housework for his turn.

A broken record since three years

that experiences a turn of tables

just as she had anticipated for herself.

Without forcing a hand

the poet admires Mrs IRA

Who more and more takes toward him-

The man.

Look at this she says

holding a small round box at me:

‘Olla, especially for the spoiled

man’ it’s noted on the box

use water before you put it on

and afterwards too.

Hah! It’s amusing indeed.

She found the box at an ancient

Remington typewriter.

You have to keep it at the Museum

the poet told her

yet she might have other ideas.

The poet uses the same white lies

as Mrs IRA uses

protecting her and staff

from getting grilled by the boss-

far too much otherwise.

The poet knows that Mrs IRA

wishes to travel to Afrique du Sud

and would like his company.

Guess that could be done

but there would be consequences.

Sipping Gösser Märzen ice cold

at Espresso Heiligenstadt

near a glazed wall toward the tracks

trains continue rattling from and into

the holding end bays.

The music from Ö3 radio plays loud

popular music.

Time ticks by slowly marked by the

rhythmic coming and going of train

suspended in a strange interspace.





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