Hommage a Jeanne Moreau

For years we’ve lost her

out of sight

icon for a new movement

in Louis Malle’s

Cinema Noveau.

Fellow of student affairs

comrade with a defiant taint

in her face of expressive beauty

taking cinema by storm with

her expression of social

asymmetry in her style –

Society of the sixties.

She remained in our minds

inspiring a whole generation

and beyond.

Jeanne with her throbbing


below an iceberg of control.

Her deeply shifting eroticism

had a stirring effect on us

her beautiful inquisitive eyes

drew us into her characters she

did not act but lived.

With her sensuous lips

slightly curled

drawn down at times

she portrayed pains of love

and passion.

Le Vrai Scandale ‘est la Mort.






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