What makes a marriage last?









Faith and selflessness.

Any more virtues?

Wonderful when in love

all attributes for virtues

are in harmonious balance.

Then thru’ the tooth of


decay affects body and


For the spouse it’s anger

and more anger

mounting day by day –

For she still dreams of

having missed a career as

a successful model –

Comparing her eyes

to Romy’s eyes.

For the artist life –

since he delved into his

preferred world of art –

He’s never given up to be

a good artist

Bohemian in spirit

striving to be above the

rest of fellow artists and

educated people

especially those who had

remarks of ridicule.

His spouse blames the


of having given her a bad


that had cost her 78,60 E

but her handwriting read

38,60. It sucks.

This –  he answered with

a reply note in red ink

will be the last time he’ll

honours a payment she

had blamed him for.

In his anger he spit on the

floor still cursing her:

I will put together an account

of what you still owe to me!

He ranted at a woman

he once knew was lovely

but now appeared as a shadow

of a Holocaust survivor.

You have died for me…

She said.

Why would she let her anger

out on him

if her words were his words

directed against her?






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