The mice completed their

nocturnal rounds

the warm gentle morning

roughed-up as she pushed

my feet suddenly

declaring I violated her

private space.

I have to keep calm

her anger pushes her brain

to spiral into a realm

where she rules as

Wonder Woman –


NO papers save for the

Sunday one.

She hates the small flat

she agreed to take.

Somebody has placed a bug

into her system

she began to hate me for

my work downtown

this morn’ thru’ a second

threat of killing a spouse

she said indirectly.

This is an invert to her father

threatening to kill her Mom.

Or so she told me once as

she witnessed their domestic


Bus 241 is cooled

a fridge reminding me of

a bad night’s rest

when she rejoices sleeping

with an open window

just like her aunty did and

her estranged sister does.

The mosquitos have left


perhaps Chemtrails do their

exterminating job.

Income small insects.


Bees and wasps

tics multiplying fast.

Climate changes will be obvious

even to the many ignoring it.

Stay cool dude.






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