N.D&V at Mr T. (From: The 241 Bus Ride Poems)

241 bus at 9:52 `s early

for an artist

who writes into

the wee hours of the morn’.

Bright blue skies washed

pristine by night’s rainstorms

but the visional enjoyment


The mirror surfaced lake

is poised for an uproar

its polished surface shattered

to smithereens

like The friendliness of a

life long spouse

synthesized with the mornings


The mind’s historic search

recalls Alexander the Great’s


still hidden behind a false gate.

Timeo Danaos et dona ferrentem –

still carries universal value


Ctd at bus 239 –

Where are we going?

Nobody knows.

Where are we coming from?

Mr T asks why most men are

attracted to the vagina.

That’s where we originated –

Courbet painted –

that’s where we wish to go

back again.

Anna’s prediction came back

to my mind:

Stay fit – don’t get fat.

Be alert. You must be quick!

Yet the artist’s he-goat only


when it’s extremely excited!







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