Celebrating a Good-Bye

Yesterday’s trip to

Minoritenplatz 8.

The man from Teheran drives

the Velo taxi erroneously

to the Bundeskanzleramt

where he’s redirected by

a friendly cop to return and

drive left to the European

Council of Austrian Affairs

where the sitting ambassador

of Slovakia will be bidden

formally good-bye.

Mr T would distribute his

A/F pamphlets and meet

some friends

ambassadors retired from

their duties

an elegant lady ambassador –

even retired her aura of

diplomatic efforts lives on

in her demeanor.

Mr J seems to be sad of

having to leave Vienna and

the entertaining side of

his diplomatic services

conducted in his domicile

in the Art Deco villa in


where we all enjoyed great

receptions on State holidays

of the Slowak Republic.

This morn’ after the reception

for his leaving

red wine and snacks and

petite fours

Mr T took us to famous

Café Demel at Kohlmarkt

where we met by some fate

Jacqui the Englishwoman

who enjoyed Vienna for

the first time.

Mr T showing her the white

commemorative plaque

at the house near

Café Hawelka

where Mr T family lived

when they emigrated to

Vienna from Bratislava.

Today B had run out of

The flat

to visit Dr W’s rooms

in Weidling.

Last day before his leave

I’ll need a transfer form

to a specialist of ENT.

This yo-yo climate is not

becoming either to the


nor his spouse or friends

who lived for a long time

in the South of Africa.





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