First: She cursed me

for having tried telling her

about an economical package

that would save her 33% on

her mobile phone contract.

Besides I had to pay in

another ten Euro to help

Her out –

Paying for the failed attempt –

Then she was less insulting.

This kind of drama went on

For weeks.

Second: Finally other persons

directed her into the same

direction. Hah!

Now having found a woman

who helped her sort her

crazy problem of deceit

she praises to me her

tenacity solving it. OK.

It shows I had been scolded

innocently and suddenly

my original idea was not

bad at all

but a clerk at the shop

had not activated the new

called for package at all.

Why all this fuss?

Besides I had a great day

translating my short stories

“My Writing Tools” into


When I am listening all day

to Chick Corea – Sitting apart

doing my own thing –

We are fighting less about

our individual ways

conducting our lives.





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