ART & LOVE (ZJG Isfahan Notebook)

Waiting for the half-hourly

green Zuklin bus

sitting on a wooden slatted

bench without a backrest

but still better than sitting

on the stone paved floor

as many Easterners will do.

Opposite me a man paces up

and down

his blue shirt acts like a flag

in the sudden breeze.

He is all over a woman in

a summery dress when she


parking her VW next to his.

She turns and giggles as he

comments on her dress that

clings to her body line by

the sudden breeze.

Left from my sighting the

ÖBB Wiesel has arrived

At Weidling’s station and

is poised for a take-off to

downtown Vienna.

The traffic flows at a slower

pace than usual.

The sun blazes down in

an attempt to undress us


Boutique Catwalk places

a sun sail to protect its

exposed fashion for sale.

The cars pass in front of

the bus stop with continual


speeding up natural life.

A dark-haired woman with

conscription glasses takes

a seat next to me

but feels an urge to get up

and walk.

I notice a car’s number plate

Sticking out her black knapsack.

She walks toward the ÖBB

station Weidling.

Her terracotta coloured

short pants

become a blur in the distance.

The air is heated up

but clouds gather and block out

the dog teeth of the sun.

Mrs Ira phones to postpone

afternoon’s work at her Art Shop.

Good timeous call

I’ll buy some watermelon

at a Spar shop nearby.

It’s an aesthetic ritual to cut

and eat the pink coloured


reminding me of sun-drenched

beaches at a Greek Island

heated skins

wholesome Med-food

the holistic love of a Muse

dedicated to Art & Love.





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