At 23:12 (ZJG Red Notebook).

At 23:12 the poet lets

the ghosts of his past free

like the newspaper that

might print the truth.

She’s hurt she says

but she’s been hurt a

long time ago.

So has he

by his bride to be.

The law of causation will

drive his life on board of

a ship for sailing to the

tip of Africa.

For he seeks an adventure

to crust over his hurt

while protecting his spouse

from pursuits of shallow


promising her a good life

just to be laid.

At 24:00 he watches movies

on YouTube

enjoying classics with

Humphrey Bogart and

Burt Lancaster

while his spouse views TV

all day and half of the night

living her life in the larger room

next door his kitchen domain.

There’s no understanding

below the same roof

but away from it there’s

pleasant talk and better


This’ll be the bug of WU?

There are no winners

in a partnership of 47 years

where feuds continue about.

The slightest mishap will

spark an instant skirmish

not to escalate  blow up

and burn to ashes

one will need to swallow

one’s own pride

and live quietly one’s life.

This sounds easy but will

need a helluva effort

living sparsely and save up

use all one’s talents:

Publish eBooks with XinXii

and try to carry on with

one’s artistic self-realization.






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