Salute (From: ZG’s Isfahan Notebook)

The dog days of summer

have attacked us early

with humidity of 90 percent.

It’s not advisable to go outside

or to move at all.

At least obstinacy and aggression

stay somewhat at bay

removed from one’s mind

even for a choleric.

Long live dolce far niente

understood by the busiest

of human bees.

There are endless debates

about dress codes

and burqas don’t show

who is who.

In antiquity a woman was

praised for her Ionic tunic

nobody took offence to see

the wearer’s figure enhanced

a beautiful breast called

only for admiration.

But politics did not rely then

on marketing

but deeds.

After all the ruling attitude

in general was of sane people

whereby religion was purely

a private matter.

Note Mr President.

Take note Your Holiness.

To you all: Beware of the man

with one book.








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